By unlocking the hidden spiritual truths of fairy tales, we gain understanding of the deep mystical meaning, hidden in the depths of such stories, and how these insights can be applied to the lives of modern day truth seekers. Through study, we realize the journey itself and the great battles we must fight to overcome the demons and dragons deep within us.


In The Witch as Teacher in Fairy Tales, Sufi leader Nuria Daly explores the inner realms of the creative imagination and our common crucial purpose of finding and integrating the Creative Feminine. This book introduces many worthy themes for reflection as a wonderful eye-opener to reading the symbolic psychological dimension of popular stories.


Great stuff. I love it! … a beautiful telling of the inner spiritual journey from the outer realm of dualism via the union of opposites, through growth in wholeness, towards oneness with the divine. Can be read time and again, and as the lessons are learnt and practiced, one’s subsequent understanding and self-realization are deepened. This is the essence of wisdom literature indeed.


—Dr Nicholas Coleman, Director of School of Spiritual Studies


The book springs from decades of teaching Sufi wisdom. The voice is not a narrative voice but a meditative one, providing a renewal or indeed a reimagining of the wisdom voice of Sufism. The text is an allegory of the teaching process. It teaches about teaching.


—Dr William M. Johnston, Emeritus Professor of History (University of Massachusetts) and Editor, The Encyclopedia of Monasticism.


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